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About Us

Who we are

GLDYNAMIC Solution Nigeria Limited is a professional practice of Geo-Scientists & Multidiscipline Engineers with offices in Lagos Nigeria and London UK.

The Company is a 100% wholly owned private company committed to promoting Geo-Science & Engineering excellence while promoting Nigerian local content and sustainable technical in-country development.

At GLDYNAMIC Solution Limited we believe that our ability to deliver strong results to our clients depends on our ability to provide an enriching work environment for our employees. We ensure our employees have the tools and expertise they require to discover new ways to solve problems and to make responsible decisions in line with our corporate values.

Why Choose Us

We specialize in providing innovative, cost efficient and effective Geo-Science and Engineering solutions that is tailored to each clients needs.

Technology Advancement

Constantly looking out for new technology for process improvement and efficiency

Flexible & Dependable

We are flexible enough to respond to your request at short notice

Ontime Delivery

Denouncing pleasure and pain was born and I will give you our complete and expound.

Excellent Service

Excellent customer service- we will respond to enquiries within 24hours.

Profesional Workers

Complete account of the work system, andexpound the actual teachings of the truth.

Confident & Enthusiastic

We are confident and enthusiastic about the positive impact of our services