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Obtaining operational and service permits could be laborious sometimes. At Gldynamics, we take the stress off our clients by obtaining these permits for them. Our services in this area includes:

  • To guide and procure various Service and Operation Permits for both Indigenous and International Companies by assisting to choose the right and appropriate areas of services under the Department of Petroleum (DPR) Categories of Services.
  • Liaising with Governmental Agencies such as Department of Petroleum Recourses (DPR), Nigerian Standard Organization (NSO), Nigerian Petroleum Exchange (NIPEX) Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA), Federal Ministry of Environment (FME), INDUSTRIAL TRAINNING FUND (ITF) and FEDERAL INLAND REVENUE SERVICE (FIRS) and other related Agencies to obtain Operational Permits and Certificates.
  • Preparation of Procedural Guides for Obtaining Permits and other Related Reporting for Exploration, Production and Development Activities.
  • Advising on Statutory Legal Framework and General Information necessary for Service Permits
  • Preparation of application Required to obtain DPR permits and others

Advising on Categories of DPR Permits, Relevant Job Classifications under each category, Statutory Fees Requirements, Mode of Payment to concerned  Governmental Agencies