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Petrophysics is central in the exploration and production of oil and gas reservoirs. Significant volume of crude oil and gas may pass undiscovered due to poor petrophysical evaluation than any other singular source, even after the column had been drilled through. Hence, paying adequate attention to petrophysical evaluation can amazingly turn the fortune of an asset around.

Our company places emphasis on detail examination of every stage of the petrophysical value chain, from project conception, planning, implementation through to monitoring and completion. Our specially tailored petrophysical services include:
Planning, Conducting Selection and Adaptation of Petrophysical Data Acquisition Strategy, Procedures and Criteria Selection.

  • Petrophysical Advice on data acquisition scope and requirement for Exploration / Appraisal / Development Well
  • Well log analysis
  • Rock Mechanics for Directional Well Drilling
  • Reservoir Characterization for EOR Projects
  • Designing and Monitoring of Tool and Log Response With Respect to Hole Quality, Geology and Reservoir Fluid Properties
  • Supervision of Log Quality control at well sites
  • Planning and Supervision of Routine and Special Core Analysis Programs