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Wellsite Geology

  • We provide Wellsite Geological Services using experienced hands. Beside the traditional duty of Geological Correlations at the well site, our Wellsite Geologists also integrate the following services:
  • Analyze Drill Cuttings and Performing Correlations with Existing Wells to Pinpoint Accurately the Drilling Position at any Point of Time.
  • Advise Wellsite Supervisor Professionally to Determine Casing Point and Various event while Drilling.
  • Report Directly to the Wellsite Supervisor.
  • Undertake Geological Evaluation of Drill Cuttings.
  • Supervise Mud-logging Company to ensure all Equipment are Fit.
  • Estimate & Accurately Predict Pore Pres sure Abnormal Pressure Zone.
  • Monitor Drilling Parameters.
  • Real-Time Pressure Evaluation.
  • Prepare Master Log.
  • Supervise Open Hole Electric Logs
  • Make Daily Geological Report for the Wellsite Supervisor
  • Prepare End of Operation Geological Report.